Dr. Michael Haas

Paradise On Columbia Med Spa is owned and operated by Dr. Michael Haas. He has been practicing medicine since 1983 and involved in the development of cutting edge medical technology for more than three decades. His background as both a biomedical engineer and a physician bring a unique expertise to the field of aesthetics. Dr. Haas has extensive training using lasers to achieve amazing results.

Under the direction of Dr. Haas, our talented and friendly staff are here to provide you with safe, effective, and cutting-edge treatments that produce noticeable results.

Your Body: Instructions for Use

A family physician for more than thirty years and creator of
multiple groundbreaking medical devices, Dr. Michael Haas
unveils the real principles behind radiant health and emotional
well being. Cutting through the fads and often-contradictory
advice so prevalent in the field of health, he explains in clear terms
how to reliably lose weight and keep it off, get fit, and feel better
than you ever thought possible.

In short, highly readable chapters, Dr. Haas draws on his extensive
experience and research to show you how to take care of yourself
the way you were meant to, naturally. You’ll discover:

• The physiology behind what makes our bodies thrive
• How to build a diet around foods our systems were meant to process
• Exercise that really works—and a program you’ll actually want to stick with
• Optimal mental, social, and emotional health and how to achieve them
• Yoga, meditation, and attaining centeredness
• What a balanced life looks like and how to make it reality
• A clear program to follow for putting it all into place

Your Body: Instructions for Use is sure to become your go-to
source for understanding wellness in all its dimensions.

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