A Fractional Laser Rejuvenation allows you to turn back the hands of time. The laser creates small micro thermal zones within the topical layers of your skin to stimulate collagen and create new, tighter skin helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These treatments can also soften the appearance of scar tissue. There are two types: Ablative and Non-Ablative. Your fractional laser skin rejuvenation is custom designed for your personal skin care needs and desires.

Common Questions

What should I do before a treatment?

You should avoid sun exposure and stop using any Retin A/Retinol 7 days prior. Also, stop using any anti-inflammatory 5 days prior.

What should I expect during the session?

It is a very comfortable treatment; you will not experience discomfort.

What should I do after the procedure?

After the procedure, avoid sun exposure and Retin A/Retinol for 7 days. Also, no exfoliating for 5 days. You will go home with a post-procedure kit.

How many treatments are recommended?

2-4 treatments are recommended for optimal results.

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